Terms & Conditions

At GoPacific we keep on updates of arrangements regarding our security. It should be also noted that this process is done without any notification. So, we request our clients to visit our website occasionally in order to stay updated. These updates are only meant for our clients only where each and every update brings more security for them. In order to run efficiently, we usually update our terms of use.

The primary objective of our services is complete customer satisfaction. So in order to do that, our company has simple terms & conditions. Some of the terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The customer is entirely responsible for canceling the refund amount.
  • The information stored in the transaction would be archived from the company’s servers but it will be kept with us with a guarantee of full security.
  • Also, the whole content of the website is for informational use only and we as the owner of the website don’t take any responsibility if any of the external links which may be present in various pages of the website have any false content.